Johan and the Secret Caves an exciting mystery/adventure set on an invisible island north fo Norway.


"'A aauuukkk!'






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Pterodactyls on Kortdagbyen Island inneed help. They are in danger of extinction."Johan And The Secret Caves" need help. They are endanger of being extinct.


And The 

Secret Caves

‘AAAUUUKK!’ A pterodactyl flies over my house. The bright reflection from its orange wings almost blinds me. This happens every morning at seven o’clock. Just like an alarm clock...A VERY ANNOYING ALARM CLOCK.” 


Its bloodcurdling scream wakes me. I jump out of bed; my morning wake-up shower can wait. It happens every morning at seven o’clock. Just like an alarm clock...A VERY ANNOYING ALARM CLOCK. But this time it is a louder, more frantic noise than its normal, gravelly voice. Something is wrong and I’m going to find out what.



My friends Anna, Christian, Mikky (who has Down syndrome), and I rush to meet the challenge of protecting this invisible island, north of Norway. We travel through a rainforest, searching for the sick pterodactyl’s nesting ground. While using our unique skills to boldly solve this mystery filled with poisoned pterodactyls, secret hidden caves, a kidnapped friend, and the discovery of a priceless treasure.



North of Norway, this hidden island was once a Viking vacation, Kortdagbyen Island is being plundered and changed forever by outside treasure hunters.


Kortdagbyen Island is in danger! 


With Anna bringing her cool, analytical mind and her backpack of treats and Christian with his skill as an environmentalist and part-time rune interrupter, my friends are always eager to follow me on my latest adventure.



Add the youngest member of our group, Christian’s ten-year-old brother Mikky, who doesn’t let his Down syndrome get in the way of helping us solve these mysteries and you have a real adventure. Mikky shows the world that people with intellectual challenges, like Down syndrome, are independent, capable, and fun.



Together we will discover why the pterodactyls got sick, who kidnapped my friend, and other mysteries of this hidden island. Read Johan And The Secret Caves by Bonnie Solino. And as the secrets of a priceless treasure are revealed, we will see changes in this incredible island  that could change us forever.


Narrated by Johan Kristensen age eleven soon to be twelve. Click here to read chapter one of Johan And The Secret Caves.



READ:  Johan and the Secret Caves 

by Bonnie Solino


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