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Johan and the Secret Storm

Sequel to Johan And The Secret Caves

This once Viking vacation spot, Kortdagbyen Island is threatened. A relentless storm unsettles the inhabitants of the island leaving the animals homeless and hungry. The pterodactyls have moved their nests underground. The trolls seek shelter beneath porches. People are removing flood waters from their kjellers. Some of the most important natural resources on earth are in danger.


Twisting and turning through this latest adventure, Johan and his friends deliver a letter of utmost importance from the King of Norway to the island’s climate controller, Gjaison.


When a bridge collapses, the friends are hurled into rapid waters. As Johann and Christian are swept into an underground river, they wash up onto an ancient Viking ship. They begin to lose all hope, until Gjaison and Johann’s grandpapa rappel to their rescue.


The adventure continues when Mikky reveals an ancient weather machine in a concealed cave lined with black diamonds. He never lets his Down syndrome get in the way of a good adventure. But suddenly, he’s missing. Where is he? Was he kidnapped, again? Will he be returned home, safely?


When a scavenger hunt goes off course and the children find a hidden, underground room with chests filled with treasure. Unexpectedly, the heavy stone door shuts, locking them in. Are the children found? Who left the treasure underground?


Can the old, big blue weather machine solve their weather problems? Will Gjaison, the keeper of the climate, stop the rain before the animals die?


Find the answers in Johan And The Secret Storm by Bonnie Solino.

As chRistopher R. RobiN said to Pooh, 

"pRoMiSE ME You'll always REMEMBER: you'RE bRavER than you bEliEvE, aNd stRoNGER tHaN you sEEm, aNd smaRtER THaN you tHiNk."

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