Media Kit

3AM Productions is proud to announce our new release:


Johan and the Secret Caves

by Bonnie Solino


Please  look through our Media Kit for our latest updates.

3AM Productions, LLC

 P.O Box 3635

 Holiday, Fl. 34692

6 Step Check List

Media Inquiries:

For more information or to request an interview with Bonnie Solino

Contact Susan Huddelson, Manager of Public Relations, 3AM Productions, LLC.


As chRistopher R. RobiN said to Pooh, 

"pRoMiSE ME You'll always REMEMBER: you'RE bRavER than you bEliEvE, aNd stRoNGER tHaN you sEEm, aNd smaRtER THaN you tHiNk."

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