Humanity - It  needs  us.

Be Kind and Gentle
Protect our Resources
Treat people like you want to be treated
Respect Each Other
Contribute to society and humanity
Take Care of Each Other
Learn how to be a decent human being in the "Johan Adventure Series."
Keep it Green
Anyone can be a hero and help solve mysteries.
Everyone can be capable, independent contributors to society and humanity.

Kortdagbyen Island families support programs that strive for these attributes. The Special Olympics Program is one such program, which holds athletic events all over the world in the name of humanity



Every two years, an international event is held in a different city. It is like the Olympics Games for children and adults with intellectual disabilities and physical disabilities, providing year-round training and competitions to 5 million athletes and Unified Sports partners in 172 countries. Athletes, like Mikky, who have Down syndrome and other disabilities.



They participate in skiing, snowboarding and skating in the Winter Special Olympics and in the Summer Special Olympics, they compete in swimming, running, gymnastics, bowling, and lots more.



Over 4 million athletes participate, that’s a lot of people. But don’t forget another million people-the athletes’ parents, friends, and volunteers who are helping to create a better world by accepting and including all people into their hearts. They do it for their friends, family and for humanity.



Here is another way for you and your family to help humanity:



The button below will take you to the official Special Olympics website. You can learn more about Special Olympics. You’ll learn how you or someone you love can participate or volunteer. You’ll can even donate money to help pay for the games. Don’t send me money. Click the button below. It will tell you how to donate.



If you don’t choose The Special Olympics. Choose another place to help make the world a great, kind, and gentle place for humanity.