A Series of Johan's Adventures

Books and bicycles take four middle schoolers, Johan and his friends, on mysteries and adventures over an invisible island north of Norway. Kortdagbyen Island is kept secret by an invisible energy-based dome. Each novel is narrated by Johan Kristensen. With its multi-generational characters, every story unifies friends and families to solve each challenge. Together this group of protectors keeps the valuable and unique resources of the island safe from the outside world.

Johan And The Secret Caves, Fantasy, Advneture, Invisible Island,Pterodactyls,Mystery, Adventure Middle School age, Novel, multi-generational, invisible, naturally magical north of Norway,
Johan And The Secret Caves


​​Kortdagbyen Island is in danger! Ruthless treasure hunters are trying to steal a prize of tremendous value. Eleven-year-old Johann Kristensen and his friends are propelled into an amazing adventure as they rush to meet the challenge of protecting this invisible island, north of Norway. Now, this once idyllic Viking vacation spot must solve the poisoning of pterodactyls, the mysteries in a secret cave, and the kidnapping of a ten-year -old boy with Down Syndrome. Each one tests the strength and courage of our young adventurers. While searching for answers, a troll poops on Johan’s head and his hair turns green. Then, when fishing with his grandpapa, a pterodactyl steals his fish.  After bicycling through this strange jungle, he and his friends must join a secret society dedicated to safeguarding the island’s vast resources. Many mysteries take them on their quest to discover who has invaded their secret island. When kidnapped,  a young boy born with Down syndrome doesn’t let it get in the way of finding a valuable piece of evidence, that leads to the conviction of an internet mogul and two of his men for kidnapping, theft, and poisoning an extinct species. Finally, the sanctity of this secret, invisible island north of Norway is safe, until the next adventure. Click here to read chapter one of Johan And The Secret Caves.

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Johan And The Secret Storm


A relentless storm unsettles the inhabitants of Kortdagbyen Island and leaves the animals homeless and hungry. The pterodactyls have moved their nests underground. The trolls seek shelter beneath porches. The people are removing flood waters from their kjellers. Some of the most important natural resources on earth are in danger. While Johan and his friends are sent on a mission to deliver a letter from the king of Norway to the caretaker of the weather machine, they are swept into a raging river. Johan falls through a hole into an underground river where he discovers a Viking ship. After being pulled to safety, Johan and his friends continue their attempt to understand the meteorological change. An antique machine that holds the key to the secret storm is uncovered behind hidden cave lined with black diamonds.  Then, the young boy born with Down syndrome is missing again. Later, when a scavenger hunt goes off course, the children find a hidden, underground room with chests filled with treasure. Unexpectedly, the heavy stone door shuts locking them in. There’s no way out, but with the cleverness of these four children. Watch for the sudden twist that ends a very soggy story.



The Raging River

Bonnie Solino

Coming 2020
Johan And The Raging River


What begins as a river trip turns into a nightmare. Otto Falk escapes from prison. Our young heroes, who had put him, there are in jeopardy. This forces them to seek shelter on Sol Island, an island that's part of Kortdagbyen. The same island that held man who had ordered Mikky's kidnapping, Johan's father's murder, and the poisoning of the pterodactyls. Convinced that he left the island, the children and their families continue to search for clues to his escape from this maximum-security island prison. When the sky begins to quiver, an escaped convict is the least of their worries. If the invisible dome, that hides Kortdagbyen, fails, it will jeopardize the precious natural resources and its people. Will the children ever find peace?