Character Descriptions

I'm eleven-years-old, and I live on Kortdagbyen Island an invisible island , north of Norway. I bike ride with my friends.

I live here with my family: my mama and two sisters. My  grandmama makes the best cookies in the whole world , and I bring her forget-me-nots. My grandpapa takes me fishing.

Interesting things happen here, a troll pooped on my head and my head turned green.

My grandpapa likes to take me fishing. Once I catch a huge cod, but a pterodactyl stole my fish. 

But I love the island and solving mysteries.

Now that we are moving up to sixth grade, Anna's hair is all curly, she wears lipstick, smells good, and dresses in girlie clothes. Seriously, what's the point of ruffles on jeans?

She's super smart! She'll wants to be a biologist like her Mama.

And she protects us from the breen skaplings, a blue yeti, starvation, and from eating poisonous fruit, but most of all she uses her head to get us out of trouble and save the pterodactyls.

Recycling is Christian's passion. He carries a pouch on his belt for trash that he finds everywhere.

He has an annoying habit of whistling. He says he has a song in his head that must come out.

We hang out in an incredible cave near his house, which he has decorated with posters and stuff.

He worries a lot; he thinks something will happen to his brother and his mama will blame him.

Mikky has an extra chromosome. That’s how he got his Down syndrome. Which is why he ‘s shorter that most 10-year olds and it takes him longer to learn things.

He likes to draw, and he copies pictures from the computer that help my uncles figure our who kidnaped him.

He helps us solve mysteries with his creative way of thinking about the world.

He even helps us figure out the mysteries of the pterodactyls’ and so much more…

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by Bonnie Solino

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As chRistopher R. RobiN said to Pooh, 

"pRoMiSE ME You'll always REMEMBER: you'RE bRavER than you bEliEvE, aNd stRoNGER tHaN you sEEm, aNd smaRtER THaN you tHiNk."

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