Bonnie Solino Autobiography


     There we shared our home and our American culture with a fun loving, energetic Norwegian exchange student who spent one amazing year with us. That’s when a new adventure presented itself, my new "daughter," her Norwegian culture and its traditions sounded fascinating, so after she returned to Norway, we traveled several times there to share her world. There I experienced a warm, welcoming people and their beautiful country firsthand.

      After Pennsylvania, we continued to move around the U.S. with my husband's job. As life happened and my adventures continued, I became a jill-of–all-trades;  I packed peas in a mill in Missouri, planned world tours as a travel agent in NYC, inputted data in the I/O room of a computer company, counted money in the vault room of a major department store in Minnesota, and taught as a substitute teacher in New Jersey, to name a few.

    Finally landing in Florida, my adventures returned to the written word. I began creating an online show for children, for which I had written many short stories. Suddenly, one of those shorts took on a life of its own and Johan And The Secret Caves was born.


     As much as reading books has taken me on unique adventures and allowed me to learn many skills such as general contracting and plumbing(among other skills), writing them has given me a chance to create a new world, where I enjoy growing characters and crafting their many adventures​.  My explorations have crept into the world of science, where I am fascinated by the natural world. I find it is magical enough without needing crystal balls and magic wands. When two elements like sodium and chloride combine to make table salt, that is naturally, magical.

However, a little fantasy makes me smile and it has inched its way into my stories. After all, a pterodactyl who steals fish or a troll that brings good luck can't hurt a good mystery /adventure. 

A little more about me.

  • My time as a VISTA Volunteer in the Ozarks was a humbling and exciting experience. Along with the rewards of assisting people in different economic and cultural lifestyles, I met my future husband who was also a Vista Volunteer. We were married by a lake in N.Y.

  • In Pennsylvania, my son attended the Mars Area School District. What else could I do? I decided a "Mission to Mars" was in order and I invited Mikhail Gorbachev, president of the USSR and George H.W. Bush, president of the USA, to send a cosmonaut and an astronaut to land on Mars, PA. Both presidents agreed. Russian cosmonaut, Sergei Krikalev and American astronaut, Mario Runco, Jr. provided an informative and fun week for the students and families of the area.


  • I am the proud mother of Jayson...a kind, thoughtful man. He is an amazing tenor; I could listen to him sing for hours. He has a creative “think outside of the box” mind that inspires me. As my tech guru, and my cover and web design consultant, he brings life to the party. Speaking of party, he also taught me to salsa dance.

  • My fun loving, energetic foreign exchange “daughter” from Norway is now a teacher and the mother of four active children.

  • After various jobs, my last was a substitute teacher, I moved to Florida with my husband of…holy cow. How many years?

  • Now, I am enjoying writing and learning skills to market my books. When I take a break, I love to read, travel, plan parties, go to garage sales, and continue to look for my next adventure...

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 Author of Johan And The Secret Caves" sailing off an invisible island north of Norway.nie on sailboat 1 2 2020.jpg

     As a tree climbing young girl from Rockland County, New York, I enjoyed many adventures. My explorations took me on long walks in the woods, riding my bike about town, or reading a book in my grandmother’s hammock. Sometimes, I created my adventures in the plays which I wrote, directed, I occasionally acted in, and then proudly, performed in my parent’s backyard for our neighbors. All the time, writing stories and poems about the world around me.

     After college, I took my adventure seeking skills to the real world where I worked in the Ozarks as a VISTA volunteer. Upon returning home with a VISTA fiancé, I married, and moved to Brooklyn, NY. Sometime later, we had a son and daughter.

     My husband’s job took our family to western Pennsylvania where I took on the role of general contractor and taught myself plumbing for the geodesic dome that my husband, young son, and I designed, built, and lived in. Once settled, I became the active president of the PTO at my son’s school.