Author and Friends

Always give credit to people who touch your life.

   I couldn't have done this without my love,


  Jayson, my techno genius, patient teacher, and my favorite son.


“Home is where the heart is.”

Although, I have lived in many different places my heart is in New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania and Norway.


Bonnie Solino

I like most of the same foods Johan likes. 

Hearty Bread with cheese and preserves is the best.

Chocolate with fillings is yummy.


my all-time favorite food is birthday cake with

butter cream.

Line brought a surprising gentleness to my book.


I like spending time with my family better than eating birthday cake.


My mom

gave me my love

of books.

My dad's

humor and creativity


my youth.

Johan took over

my mind with his family and story.

My sister/ friend Susan saw the writer in me.



READ: Johan and the Secret Caves

by Bonnie Solino

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As chRistopher R. RobiN said to Pooh, 

"pRoMiSE ME You'll always REMEMBER: you'RE bRavER than you bEliEvE, aNd stRoNGER tHaN you sEEm, aNd smaRtER THaN you tHiNk."

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