Fantasy, Invisible Island,Pterodactyls,Mystery, Adventure Middle School age, Novel, Bonnie Solino,
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Kortdagbyen Island

North of Norway, far above the Arctic Circle sits a naturally magical island encircled by a cold rough sea. Kortdagbyen Island remains warm due to the magma vents that surround the island. It is  hidden by an invisible energy based dome that protects its special people and the most important natural resources in the world.

Imagine an island above the Arctic Circle where it’s always warm and half the year the sun never sets.


Imagine an island that can’t be seen from the air nor from a boat out at sea.


Imagine an island where pterodactyls fly, leaves glow brightly, and trolls hang upside down.


Imagine an island that has the most important rocks and minerals on earth.



All of it has been safeguarded for generations by a secret society under the protection of the kings of Norway.


And now imagine evil forces jeopardizing the tranquility of this once Viking vacation spot.


The pterodactyls have been poisoned, a child has been kidnapped, and a treasure stolen.


How will Johan our eleven-year-old narrator and his friends, solve these mysteries and keep this secret island from being revealed to the world?

Fantasy, Invisible Island,Pterodactyls,Mystery, Adventure Middle School age, Novel, Johan and the Secret Caves, an invisible island,multi-generational,
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Bonnie Solino



And The





Raging River

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Johan And The Secret Storm


Johan And The Raging River



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